Letter of Charles S. Peirce to his brother James Mills Peirce
(Dresden, 11.08.1870)



Spanish translation & annotations

Dresden 1870 Aug. 11.

My dear Jem. Amy and I arrived last evening & she has not found your letter at the Bellevue but probably will before the end of the week. We are not at the Bellevue but at Weber's which though not situated like the other has a very pleasant location near the Zwinger & where we hear a band in the evening & we have the best rooms in the house & the bill which is brought up daily is so moderate as to act as sedative upon the nerves all day, a pleasure which


I fear would be wanting at the Bellevue. Berlin is beyond a doubt quite out of season in summer. Its smells are a life experience. But the Thiergarten is beautiful very & Sans Souci & Potsdam generally could not possibly I believe be surpassed. I cannot believe that Versailles is more enchanting though of course its fountains etc. in their way are unparalleled. But I only saw Sans Souci in the rain & had only a glimpse of the beauties of the gardens. The celebrated Palace of Sans Sauci is not now shown to visitors because the Dowager Queen a descent old lady of lutheran persuasion


now occupies the apartments of Frederick. She is singularly out of place there, in whatever way you view the matter. The Neue Palace built by Frederick about 1760 is fine & in some places of a peculiar splendour. One large hall made of shells and minerals some of them precious & all glittering was the realization of the extraordinary palaces at the theatre which serve for Aladdin's residence etc. etc. I had a pleasant time enough in Berlin but it seemed rather small potatoes. Amy, to whom I read this as I write suggests that the Bellevue Str. cannot be equalled. That is true. But it suggests suburbs & some things much finer may exist though nothing


in a city so beautifully like the country nor nothing in the country so full of animation etc. & in short so like the city. The Linden is also a beautiful street and really unsurpassed but the Lindens are mere humbug. The fact is that they are killed by the absence of Reterader which the king does not like to see there. On the whole I wouldn't go to Berlin unless to see your friends there. That of course makes all the difference.


This afternoon Amy received your letter. I should like very well to stay here with her a week where I am having the most delightful time but I cannot say I think my health requires it at all. I intend to get some information in regard to the prudence of going to the Mediterranean. It would not do for me to go to Spain first on account of the expense. I should be swamped. C. S. P.



Transcription by Sara Barrena (2008)

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