´╗┐ Letter from Charles S. Peirce to Carlile P. Patterson, Cambridge, 28.03.1875

Letter from Charles S. Peirce to Carlile P. Patterson
(Cambridge, 28.03.1875)


Spanish translation & annotations

Cambridge, 1875 March 28

C. P. Patterson Esq.
U. S. Coast Survey
Washington D. C.


Dear sir,

Your instructions have come duly to hand and will be strictly observed. According to the letter of them I am authorized to pay my aid $100 per month in Gold, or the currency under which that expense is incurred. If that is not intended I shall be obliged to you if you will notify me so that I can get word at the Brevoort House New York April 2, as it will make a difference in my arrangements with bankers.

I will be obliged to you if you will authorize the disbursing agent to make quarterly advances to me instead of monthly ones and also if you will authorize me to send in my accounts quarterly. This will be a material convenience if I cannot arrange to get a letter from Mr. Hein authorizing me to draw upon him for gold. But if I can it will make less difference. The advantage of such a letter is that by drawing on Mr. Hein and disposing of the draught I should know at once what sum to change on the vouchers for difference of exchange whereas if I simply use the usual method of credits






with bankers, I shall have to send to the banker in Boston to ascertain what my money has cost me.

Miss Lane has done her work for me in a most superior manner. I have requested her to report to you by letter.

Yours very respectfuly and truly

C. S. Peirce



Trascription by Max Fisch, revised by Sara Barrena (2016)
Una de las ventajas de los textos en formato electrónico respecto de los textos impresos es que pueden corregirse con gran facilidad mediante la colaboración activa de los lectores que adviertan erratas, errores o simplemente mejores transcripciones. En este sentido agradeceríamos que se enviaran todas las sugerencias y correcciones a sbarrena@unav.es
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