Letter from Arthur Searle to Charles S. Peirce
(Cambridge, MA, 26.06.1875)



Spanish translation & annotations

June 26 751

Dear sir,

President Eliot wishes to have the publication of the next volume of the Annals of the Observatory begun as soon as possible, and to have it regarded as the most urgent business of the Observatory during the interval between Professor Winlock’s death (of which you have doubtless heard already) and the appointment of a new Director.

Among the subjects of this volume are the observations of double stars and the photometric work upon which you have been engaged. In order that no errors or delay may occur in publication, please send me information, as soon as you conveniently can, upon the following points.

Do any observations of the Struve stars still remain to be printed? If so, are they completely ready for printing? And if they are not ready, can they be omitted without serious inconvenience?

There is a package of papers here which apparently contains the comparisons of the observations made here with those of previous observers, and reports upon the results of the comparisons. Are these papers completely ready for printing? If not, what revision do they need? And does this entirely finish the work so far as the Struve stars are concerned?

Mr. Wilson has been trying to identify

if double stars recorded as discovered at this Observatory, but finds many of the places very doubtful. Is it best to omit the list altogether, or to publish a short list of such as Mr. Wilson can certainly identify with the places in which he finds the stars?

The photometer work does not seem to be at the Observatory. Where can it be found? Does it require anything additional or [illegible] the papers, when found, be printed exactly as they stand?

If anything occurs to you, in addition to the points about which I have inquired, which will facilitate the publication, I shall be greatly obliged by any information relating to it. In hope that you will excuse us for putting you to this trouble, I remain

Yours respectfully,

Arthur Searle
Assistant in charge

C. S. Peirce Esq.
Care of Messrs. McCulloch, Puleston & Co
41, Lombard Street,


Transcription by Jaime Nubiola y Sara Barrena (2015)
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