Collembola taxonomy

This is a set of DELTA taxonomical keys for some genera of Collembola, developed and curated by Rafael Jordana, Enrique Baquero and Arturo H. Ariño and hosted at the Department of Zoology and Ecology of the University of Navarra, Spain. The database and layout is based on Ken Christiansen's original Pseudosinella page, that is no longer updated.

Java™ .v2 or higher needs to be installed in your computer to run NaviKey, the Delta engine driving this key.

The way Delta works may be affected by the latitude of the options you have chosen for the algorithm. If the key does not appear to give results consistent with your wisdom, please try unchecking "Use character dependencies" and/or "Restrict view on user characters..." on the engine's "Options" tab.

Please contact Rafael Jordana or Enrique Baquero for data issues, or Arturo H. Ariño for technical issues.

Suggested citation: Jordana R., Baquero E., Ariño A.H., continuously updated: Collembola DELTA database. University of Navarra. Accesed on at
Available genera: