Letter from Charles S. Peirce to George Davidson, Paris, 5.10.1875

Letter from Charles S. Peirce to George Davidson
(Paris, 05.10.1875)

Spanish translation & annotations


Rec. Oct. 6 1875
Ansd. Oct 6/75]


5 Oct., 1875

My dear Sir

It surprises me to learn today that you have been in Paris for some time. I have also been here since the 10th September & would have given a great deal to have seen you, especially because I learn that you were well received by Leverrier. As for me, I addressed him a letter on the 28th & have received no reply so that it will be necessary to proceed through diplomatic

channels. Don’t mention this in England, if you please, but if you have any occasion to write to Leverrier speak as if it were a matter of course that I would swing my pendulums at the observatory. If you will do that you will put me under a particular obligation. It would be a pity that I should swing in England, Berlin, Geneva the chief initial points of pendulum operations & not at Paris where the older determinations were made. The international geodetical conference having been here, I don’t understand how I went to all the sittings after I

arrived and didn’t see you, nor hear of you. I suppose everybody thought I knew you were here.

C. S. Peirce
Boul. Haussmann 184

Transcription by Max Fisch (Peirce Edition Project), revised by Sara Barrena.
Una de las ventajas de los textos en formato electrónico respecto de los textos impresos es que pueden corregirse con gran facilidad mediante la colaboración activa de los lectores que adviertan erratas, errores o simplemente mejores transcripciones. En este sentido agradeceríamos que se enviaran todas las sugerencias y correcciones a sbarrena@unav.es
Proyecto de investigación "Charles S. Peirce en Europa (1875-76): comunidad científica y correspondencia" (MCI: FFI2011-24340)

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