Letter from Charles S. Peirce to Arthur Searle
(London, 27.07.1876)

Spanish translation & annotations


London, 1876 July 27

My dear Sir

On receipt of your recent letter I referred to your letter of last summer & find that you are quite right that nothing was said about a preface to the book; but when you spoke of a mention of Prof. Winslock I didn't understand you to mean only on the title-page & I supposed you meant a preface & later I thought that had been distinctly said which I understood you to mean. I am very glad to find you did not say that & it changes my feelings on the matter very much. At the same time, I never did


blame you personally for what I understood to have been said, because I could only suppose that it had been decided on by the President.

I am extremely glad now to find that my whole feeling was based on an error. The truth is that the letter came when I was suffering intense mental anguish from sudden bad news that I had of a person very dear to me & I certainly was not in possession of my usual faculties. Then I left Geneva & packed up my papers & so did not refer again to the exact words of your letter.

I regret to say that owing to Dr. Engelmann having gone to Carlsbad for his vacation the printing seems to have come to a stop. The printers being puzzled about something I suppose. Therefore the matter of the title does not need to be settled



Yours very truly & respectfully


C. S. Peirce




Arthur Searle

Assist in charge

H. C. Obs'y

Cambridge, Mass


P. S. I expect when I come back to apply for leave to swing my reversible pendulum in the observatory & I think down in the cellar about the great pier after pulling down  a part of the brick work which separates it from the cellar under the porch at the south will be the proper place. I want a station which will be available for years.


C. S. Peirce

July 27, 1876




Transcription by Max Fisch, revised by Sara Barrena (2014)
Una de las ventajas de los textos en formato electrónico respecto de los textos impresos es que pueden corregirse con gran facilidad mediante la colaboración activa de los lectores que adviertan erratas, errores o simplemente mejores transcripciones. En este sentido agradeceríamos que se enviaran todas las sugerencias y correcciones a sbarrena@unav.es
Proyecto de investigación "Charles S. Peirce en Europa (1875-76): comunidad científica y correspondencia" (MCI: FFI2011-24340)

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