Letter from Benjamin Peirce to Carlile P. Patterson
(Cambridge, MA, 19.10.1875)

Spanish translation & annotations

Cambridge, 19 Oct. 1875

My Dear Chief

The letters which I have forwarded to the office for Hein and yourself —and one which I have received from Charlie— make me exceedingly anxious. Your kind interest in Charlie and earnest appreciation of his ability and of the value of his present researches have been a great comfort


to me—and especially now when Charlie is so fixed not to be a candidate for the observatory here. I have no exact knowledge of his pecuniary arrangements—but suspect that the embarrassment arises altogether from his having had two different bankers at the same time. This very fact may have confused Mr Hein. I am quite in the dark about it and beg you to relieve my anxiety as soon as you can. The two words “all right” telegraphed to me will return me at


once to a relieved state of mind.

There are [?????] rumours of meditated attacks upon the survey which I suspice are as unimportant as we have invariably found them hitherto. The friends of the survey in Congress, are men of character and will not suffer themselves to distrust the survey because some old [???] or some discarded [trunk?] and [ring] have pretended that there was some hidden wrong in the activity.


I wish to be called to Washington rather early —because I want to see Professor Henry about Bache fund matters, as well as yourself and Cousin Lizzy. Give her my fond love.

Your sincere friend
Benjamin Peirce

Hon. C. P. Patterson



Transcription by Joseph Brent, Nathan Houser and Jaime Nubiola (2016). This letter was partially quoted by Carolyn Eisele in her paper "Charles S. Peirce a Nineteenth Century Man of Sciences", Scripta Mathematica, 24 (1959), 309, n.18.
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