PORT test archive images, captured at Harvard 1994, by M.Keeler under NSF grant. Stored on DAT and transferred to the University of Washington in 1997. Archived on 1/98 at CARTAH, by M.Keeler on 6 CDs; CDs 1-5 ISO9660, CD 6 HFS.

MSS 145 (should be labeled "145s" and MS labeled "145" should be "145s") 12 pages and 2 versos total. (April-May 1905)
"An Attempt to state systematically the doctrine of the census in geometrical topics or topical geometry, more commonly known as "topology"; being, a mathematico-logical recreation of C.S. Peirce following the lead of J.B. Listing's paper in the 'Gottinger Abhandlungen'." [see Robin Catalogue]

MSS 460, 11 pages and 2 versos of a total 23 pages of the manuscript, which was digitized over two days (8/17-18/94). Apparently, missing pages were stored on another DAT? 1903). Lowell Lectures. Notebook Published, in part, as 1.15-26 (pp. 2-21) Gamma graphs, the third part of the existential graphs, rendered intelligible by CSP's categories of Firstness, Secondness, and Thirdness. And without the gamma graphs, multitude, infinity, and continuity are not easily explained. The peculiarity of gamma graphs is that they make abstractions (mere possibilities) and laws the subject of discourse. [Robin Cat.]

MSS 462, 22 pages and 2 versos of a total 47 pages of manuscript, which was digitized over two days (8/18-19/94). Apparently, missing pages were stored on another DAT? (1903). Lowell Lectures. 2nd Draft of 3rd Lecture. Alpha part of existential graphs: permissible operations. The beta part. Difference between alpha-impossibility and beta-impossibility summarized [cf. MS 457]. The Gamma part concerns what can logically be asserted of meanings. The distinction between regulative and constitutive (in Kant). The logical doctrine called "Pragmatism." CSP claims that he has been unjustly called a sceptic, a second Hume. The "joke" about opium's dormitive virtue. Possibility and necessity (Locke's confusion). Qualities as mere possibilities. Relations are qualities of sets of subjects. Dyadic and triadic relations. All triadic relations are, more or less, thoughts. Doctrine of signs; icons, indices, symbols. [see Robin Catalogue]

MSS 464, 21 pages and one verso of a total 35 pages of manuscript, which was digitized in morning and afternoon sessions (8/17/94). Apparently, missing pages were stored another DAT? These 21 are listed as "tix" format and were apparently also digitized as tiffs (see Disk 4 for duplicates of 16 pages, listed as "tif"). (1903). Lowell Lectures. 2nd Part of 3rd Draft of 3rd Lecture. Published in two places: 1.324 and 1.343-349 (pp. 30-34 and 3664 respectively. Note that part of 1.349 comes from page 68 of MS 465, with p. 68 of that manuscript continuing p. 64 of this one. Omitted is a discussion of the existential graphs, especially alpha and beta possibilities (pp. 1-30) and a discussion of the category of Firstness (pp. 34-36). [see Robin Catalogue]

MS pages selected for converting to slide, stored on 8mm tape in 1996 (mostly from MS 145, with color and graphics).

MSS 507, 9 pages and 2 versos total (alternate pages for MS145). (1903?) "Existential Graphs" (9 pages) Beta and gamma graphs, with algebraic translations. Rules of transformation. [see Robin Catalogue] ISO9660 format (PC).

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