Letter of Augustus De Morgan to Charles S. Peirce
(London, 14.04.1868)

London, 91 Adelaide Road NW

April 14/68
Dear Sir

Your note of Dec. 6 informes me that you "mail" a pamphlet to me on logic. A little curl on the first pot-hook of the mail would make any one think you "snail" it. If this were your word you have succeeded to admiration, for here is the middle of April, and no pamphlet has arrived. I hope you will send another. My papers on logic as now existing, are


The book 'Formal Logic'
A syllabus
Five papers in the Cambridge Transactions
The article Logic in the English Cyclopedia.

The syllabus tolerably represents the papers I II III - of which my stock is exhausted. I can send you the syllabus - if you have not get it, and also IV and V. This I will do as sooner I learn that this has reached you under the address given by you.



I almost doubt 'Cambridge U. S.' being sufficient

I am very respectfully

Your faithful servant

A. De Morgan

Transcription by Hedy Boero (2007)

Proyecto de investigación "La correspondencia europea de C. S. Peirce: creatividad y ccooperación científica (Universidad de Navarra 2007-09)

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23 de enero 2008
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