Letter from Charles S. Peirce to George M. Whipple
(Cambridge, MA, 11.10.1876)

Spanish translation & annotations



Cambridge, Mass 11 Oct. 1876


My dear Sir,

I have to beg a great many pardons for letting that little account which there was for me to pay on account of sundry payments made by you for me run so long. The truth is that I seem to have lost the memorandum and after several fruitless searches for it, I believe I must give it up. I shall therefore


have to ask you to take the trouble to ascertain how much the amount is and to draw upon me for it through Messrs. MCulloch & Co, 41 Lombard Street, London, whom I have instructed to honor your draught. I very much regret giving you all this trouble but I cannot avoid it.

I have been very unsettled since I have been in America and have not yet got my things out of the boxes nor have I any speedy prospect of doing so. I have but lately decided in what city to live. I have resolved on New York, but have got no


house as yet. I hope by the time you get over to this country, as I trust you will do some day, to be in a condition to give you a welcome and show that I have not forgotten your obligingness.

I have arrived home in the loveliest season of the year and American air and light and the pretty shaded streets & light fences are very charming. There is an unpleasant presidential "campaign" going on but we shall be soon over with that and I don't know that I care much which gentleman is elected. Most of my friends disgusted with the misconduct of


the Republicans favor the election of Tilden. If he is elected Mr. Adams, who was formerly minister to England, will be the foreign secretary.

I saw last night a striking experiment of conveying the human voice over a telegraph wire so that sentences spoken at one end in a conversational tone could be heard & made out by a person putting his ear to the armature of an electromagnet at the other end. The sound seems muffled and I could not myself make out what was said but a friend of mine heard the result of an election announced & the operators seemed to have no difficulty.

Remember me to our friend Mr. Baker.

Yours very faithfully,

C. S. Peirce



G. M. Whipple



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