Letter of Benjamin Peirce to Augustus De Morgan
(Washington, 17.06.1870)

To Professor A. De Morgan
etc - etc - etc -

U. S. Coast Survey

From Professor Benjamin Peirce
of the U. S. of America
to introduce his son
Charles S. Peirce Esq.


To Professor Augustus De Morgan

etc - etc - etc -

U. S. Coast Survey Office
Washington 17/6/1870

My Dear Sir -

I presume upon the unseen1 brotherhood of science to introduce to you my son Charles S. Peirce Esq. who is a devoted student of Logic and I think that he has original thoughts which you may regard as deserving your consideration. He carries with him a memoir which he has written upon one of the subjects of your own learned investigations and also one which his father has written upon Linear Algebra and which was not


printed without a careful perusal of this [?] and [of a]2 previous treatise upon the same subject, which was printed by yourself in the Memoirs of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. My son is now my private3 and confidential aid in my most important investigations in the U. S. Coast Survey, and I sincerely commend him to your favorable notice

Very respectfully
and with great admiration

Yours truly

Benjamin Peirce
Superintendent U. S.
Coast Survey


1. Grattan-Guinness lee "universal".

2. Grattan-Guinness advierte "to ease the difficulties caused by his vile handwriting, two apparently missing words were added in square brackets". "Peirce between Logic and Mathematics" (Studies in the Logic of Charles Sanders Peirce, N. Houser, D. D. Roberts y J. van Evra eds., Bloomington, IN, Indiana University Press, 1997, p. 42 n. 22).

3. Max Fisch lee "associate", pero nos parece -siguiendo a Grattan-Guinness- mejor la lectura "private".

Transcription by Max Fisch, Peirce Edition Project

Proyecto de investigación "La correspondencia europea de C. S. Peirce: creatividad y cooperación científica (Universidad de Navarra 2007-09)

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