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Autor / Pierpaolo DONATI Profesor Ordinario de Sociología. Universidad de Bolonia (Italia). Director de CEPOSS (Centro de Estudios de Política y Servicios Sociales) y coordinador del área de Política Social de la Asociación Italiana de Sociología
Artículo / Cultura y comunicación. Una perspectiva relacional

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In contemporary sociology there is an emerging and belief as to what concerns the "making of society": the idea is that society is made up by communications and only by communications. The neosystemic perspective has brought the idea to a much sophisticated point of view. In this paper, the author tries to challenge this perspective, by analising the two main approaches used in current research on the relations between culture and communication. The first is characterized by insisting upon the relative autonomy of culture. The second treats culture as an instrument of communication (through symbolic codes, etc.). The author claims that both theories have advantages and disadvantages but, on the whole, they are extremely lacking. The paper confronts these theories and develops a new perspective. Culture is necessary to communication both as an instrument and as a meaning in itself. But this very fact can be explained and understood only by being able to observe culture both as internal (immanent) and external (transcendent) in respect to social relationships, and this implies to treat the culture/communication nexus through a "relational framework".

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