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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
Author / Tadeusz MICZKA Profesor de Comunicación Cultural y director del Instituto de Estudios sobre Cultura de la Universidad de Silesia. Especialista en historia y teoría del cine. Director del Instituto de la Alta Silesia en Katowice.
Article / Cinema under the pressure of free market system. The author’s strategies in polish films after 1989

Abstract /

The article presents the history of polish film after the political and economic changes resulting in the replacement of the former total ideologization of life with the free market system which led to the radical change of film director’s strategies. Previously dominating –under the pressure politics– the strategies of agitators, mediators, psychotherapists, solitaries, moralists and rebels were replaced by the strategies of “accountants” (squarring with the history of polish cinema 1945-89), cynics (in so called “bandit cinema”), story tellers (in so called “provincial cinema”) and observers of economic and political changes. In the author’s opinion, contemporary polish cinema vegetates, it is hardly developing because it neither processes creatively the reality nor has managed to build up new identity and originality corresponding with ambitions and expectations of polish people who wish to take active part in the process of multicultural communication and would like to enrich the global culture with their national and local values.

Keywords /

\"provincial\" cinema, Politics, Free market system, "bandit" cinema, "squarring" cinema, Author's strategies

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