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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
Author / Juan-José IGARTUA Director of the Observatory for Audiovisual Contents (OCA). Department of Sociology and Communication. University of Salamanca, Spain.
Author / María Luisa HUMANES Profesora Titular de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación y Turismo de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.
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Article / Images of Latin America in the Spanish Press. An empirical approach from Framing Theory

Abstract /

We are presenting the outcomes of a content analysis study on news frames of the reports on Latin America and the Latin Americans in the Spanish press, which is part of content analysis study in a larger immigration research project focusing on news framing in regard of immigrants found in the reports in the Spanish press. Our findings show that some “discourse strategies” are being used to foster a certain illusory correlation that associates Latin America to negative events with negative results. Countries such as Venezuela and Colombia are especially associated with negative issues, like arm conflicts, nature disasters or crime and accident reports, and with human interest and conflict news frames. This gives us an insight into the consequences that such negative news coverage on Latin America (particularly on those countries keeping high migratory flow with Spain) may arise related to stereotype flourishing and prejudiced attitudes.

Keywords /

Mass media, Newsworthy frames, Content analysis, Immigration, Latin america

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