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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
Author / María del Carmen GARCÍA GALERA Associate Professor. Department of Communication Science and Social Science, School of Communication Science. University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
Author / Cristóbal FERNÁNDEZ MUÑOZ Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Author / Leticia PORTO PEDROSA Part-time Professor. Department of Education Science, Faculty of Education. University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
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Article / Youth empowerment through social networks. Creating participative digital citizenship

Abstract /

Ensuring citizen involvement and participation in the development of a social system is not a new phenomenon, nor has it emerged with digital communication. However, social networks and virtual environments are transforming the way in which individuals, especially young people, are called to action. This quantitative research paper analyzes how young people use online and offline tools to publicize and support "2.0 causes". Digital communication can facilitate cooperation and solidarity toward certain social initiatives that require active mobilization. However, the competitive advantage that technology can offer is greatly influenced by numerous variables (empathy, closeness, identification with the cause, etc.). It is essential to become familiar with the desires of young people and to find the best ways to gain their attention in order to help them achieve their goals of social commitment. The results of this research suggest that the factors mobilizing young people when they participate in solidarity movements are purely rational and emotional, with less emphasis being placed on the creativity of the campaign, the organization that promotes the action, or the presence of famous prescribers or influencers. They prefer the essential qualities of social activism in itself.

Keywords /

Digital citizenship, digital social communication, mobility, mobilization, education, social networks, Internet

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