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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
Author / Pablo GÓMEZ-DOMÍNGUEZ Predoctoral industrial research fellow. Communication Departament. Pompeu Fabra University. Spain.
Article / The digital era and regional TV: a comparative study of the web platforms, mobile apps and social networks of TV3 and BBC One

Abstract /

This research proposes, through a case study of TV3 and BBC TV channels, to evaluate the adaptation of these channels to the Social TV model through an analysis of their web platforms, mobile apps and social networks. To fulfil this goal, we apply a content analysis that combines quantitative and qualitative variables and categories in three original matrixes. The corpus comprises 101 web platforms of both channels, 4 mobile apps in Android and iOS systems and 6 official social network accounts that they share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The results show a weak adaptation of these channels into the Social TV model, with a minimum presence of participatory tools on their web platforms and mobile apps for the possibility to create communities or communication between users. Instead, the presence and use of social network profiles reaches a major level of integration in the social TV environment. Ultimately, TV3 and BBC One are oriented to a consumer audience profile that implies low interactivity and online environments with a broadcasting-oriented structure rather than a digital one.

Keywords /

TV3, BBC One, television, web, mobile app, social networks, content analysis

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