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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
Author / José Manuel SUSPERREGUI Associate Professor. Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Department. University of the Basque Country, Spain
Article / The location of Robert Capa’s Falling Soldier

Abstract /

Discussions concerning the authenticity of Capa’s Falling Soldier have generated diverse opinions and theories but remarkably little research. A version of the events authorized by the International Center of Photography was refuted when this author located the photograph at Espejo and not at Cerro Muriano, where previously it was thought to have been taken. Locating the site of the photograph more exactly required important work method adaptations to features of a new landscape, given that the objective evidence results from reproducing Capa’s framing, including the perspective and the orographic accidents seen in the original photo. The application of new technologies has played an essential role in obtaining the evidence that reveals that this image was taken at Cerro del Cuco using a technique applied by Robert Capa. With this new location Falling Soldier must be seen in a completely different light. Capa’s own version of how this photograph was taken is demonstrably false. These facts also disprove all the stories arising from his version, including the notion that credit this photograph to his partner, Gerda Taro.

Keywords /

Robert Capa, Photography, Gerda Taro, Cerro del Cuco.

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