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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
Author / Miguel Ángel CASADO DEL RÍO Associate Lecturer. Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences. University of the Basque Country. Spain
Author / David FERNÁNDEZ-QUIJADA Senior Media Analyst. European Broadcasting Union. Switzerland
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Article / References in communication policy research: a bibliographical characterization of articles published by Spanish authors

Abstract /

This paper provides a characterization of the bibliographical references of Spanish scientific articles in the field of communication policy using a bibliometric approach. It analyses 93 articles published by authors from Spanish institutions between 2002 and 2011 in major Spanish journals included on the communication section of both the IN-RECS index and the Social Sciences Citation Index. The paper examines the main references used by Spanish communication policy researchers and the typology of these references, their Spanish or international character and the most cited authors in this field. The results show the disparity and adaptability of articles depending on the scope of the journals in which they are published. Thus, articles published in international journals contain more than twice as many references as those appearing in Spanish journals. The typology is also different; articles are the most common source in international journals while books predominate in Spanish journals. These results are analyzed in the context of the institutionalized practices of scientific production approved by university assessment agencies; these are compared with the actual practices of researchers through an analysis of the main bibliographical references.

Keywords /

Communication policy, scientific research, scientific journals, references, Spain

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