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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
Author / Liane ROTHENBERGER Lecturer in journalism studies. Ilmenau University of Technology. Institute of media and communication science. 98693 Ilmenau.
Article / ARTE – problems of creating a European TV Intercultural aspects at micro, meso and macro level at the European Culture Channel Arte

Abstract /

In communication science, the question of Europeanisation as well as a theory of interculturalism and multilingualism in the broader context of a ‘European identity’ has long been raised and discussed. Furthermore, empirical research has been searching for adequate methods to find an answer to this question so as to indicate whether the EU media landscape is coming closer together or drifting further apart. The European Culture Channel Arte started broadcasting in 1992. Since then, German and French TV editors have learned from each other how to produce formats appropriate for recipients of both nationalities or even a European audience. This article discusses possible changes towards Europeanisation through rapprochement and convergency exemplified by the French-German culture magazine programme Metropolis as well as by a diachronic scrutiny of changes in Arte’s general programming structure. Organisational theory and intercultural media analysis at micro, meso and macro level are employed as theoretical foundation.

Keywords /

Arte, European Culture Channel, programming structure, intercultural media analysis, organisational approach

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