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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
3(1 y 2)/
Author / Antonio VILARNOVO Doctor en Filosofía y Profesor de la Universidad de Navarra desde 1985. Miembro de varias sociedades científicas, entre las que cabe destacar la Sociedad Española de Lingüística y la Sociedad Española de Semiótica
Article /

Abstract /

Action and discourse of action: The purpose of this work is that of dealing with a very special type of text: the discourse of action, that is discourse on human actions. This type of text in cludes, in turn, other types of well known texts which share the common trait of dealing with human actions but which present problems when one tries to distinguish between them. The aim here is not that of establishing frontiers between texts, although some differences will different types of be pointed out, but rather that of showing what is common to all of them. From this standpoint what is sought is a) the generalization of validmprinciples and methods of analysis for all these texts (in so far as they belong to a more general type of text); b) the study of some of the relationships between actions and discourses on actions; and c) the consideration of the discourse of action not only as discourse, but rather also as action, within the more general framework of human situations and actions (within society).

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