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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
4(1 y 2)/
Author / Josep Mª CASASÚS Doctor en Ciencias de la Información y licenciado en Derecho. Catedrático de Periodismo. Decano de Periodismo en la Universitat Pompeu Fabra, de Barcelona. Presidente de la Sociedad Española de Periodística. Editorialista y miembro del Servicio de Estudio
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The reform of the newspaper model carried out by La Vanguardia in 1989 imposed a format for headlines whose typographic features forces the usage of shorter sentences as compared to those that are usual in the classical information-interpretation model which this Barcelona daily has chosen to maintain. The main objective of this research work is that of experimenting with combined techniques for transforming head lines while conserving intact the nature, substance and purpose of the informative-interpretative headline, in spite of the fact that its material expression evokes the formulas typical of popular sensationalist newspapers. The practical exercises on which the results of this investiqation are based were proqrammed wIth the aim of closely observing the different operations which intervene in the writing of a headline. Verification of results and of the analyses to which they were submitted from a pragmatic perspective contributed to prove that a short headline is not an exclusive property of sensationalist newspapers. On the other hand, this study allows us to advance in the theoretical identification and in the systematic knowledge of the rhetorical devises that play a role in the process of putting together newspaper headlines and texts.

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