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In 1966, the School of Sciences established the Department of Zoology, which has since accumulared a research collection of animal specimens generally obtained from samplings in research projects. In 1980 the Museum of Zoology (MZNA) was created under the lead of Prof. R. Jordana to curate these collections, which almost immediately started to be computerised. Similarly, the Department of Botany started the PAMP Herbarium as its plant reference collection.

In 1995 the former College of Our Lady of the Good Advice donated its famous Lecároz Collection to the University. Along with items from other Museum collections, such as the J. Del Río Collection or the Gómez-Bustillo Collection, the Lecároz Collection was organised and documented by José Antonio Salinas, with help from other members of the Department, into 81 exhibit cases. Together with additional cases for a mineralogical collection from the Department of Chemistry and Soil Science, the Science Collection was finally open to the public in 1998.

The University of Navarra Research Plan (PIUNA) granted in 2002 a project aimed at adapting and linking the Museum's databases to the global network of biodiversity research databases, and developing a web site for the collections. A multidisciplinary team headed by Arturo H. Ariño, including information engineers from CTI and the Spanish node of the Global Biodiversity Information Infrastructure (GBIF) achieved these objectives in 2005.

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