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Data and images are provided "as is", without any commercial warranty. Although these data are updated frequently, as in any taxonomic work changes may happen due to reidentifications, error correction or new data. We appreciate notification of errors or discrepancies.

These data or images can be freely used by private individuals, individual researchers or research groups, but any commercial use requires prior, express written consent of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra.

The use of these data or materials in an analysis, report, scientific or educational paper is permitted provided that the original provenance is acknowledged and the Department of Zoology and Ecology of the University of Navarra is notified.

Images available online are web-optimized versions of the originals, which can be obtained in TIFF or JPG format from the Museum of Zoology of the University of Navarra.

The University of Navarra holds rights, title and interest in this site except for the intelectual property of data, design and images, which belongs to its authors.

This site can be cited as "Ariño, A.H., Amézcua, A., Robles, E., 2005: Natural Sciences Collections of the University of Navarra - Zoology. Department of Zoology and Ecology, School of Sciences, University of Navarra, Pamplona. Electronic resource, URL:"

Credits for the images are: "A. Amézcua - A.H. Ariño".

The official catalog of the Vertebrates at this site was published as: Salinas, J.A., Ariño, A.H., 2000: The Collections of the Natural Sciences Museum of the University of Navarra. I. Vertebrates. Publ. Biol. Univ. Navarra, Serie Zoologica, 27: 1-101.

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