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 Department of Zoology and Ecology

  The experienced research staff of the Department of Zoology and Ecology of the University of Navarra can provide knowledge and services on technical and scientific issues along several lines, such as:

  Ecological restoration projects, planning and development (GIRES-UN):
   - Reforestation
   - Producción de High-quality plant production
   - Soil Ecology
   - Forest Ecology
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  Animal identification. This service is provided by experienced taxonomists Prof. Rafael Jordana and Prof. Enrique Baquero for the identification and assessment of animal specimens, in particular pests (especially insect pests), parasites, invaders, food industry pests, etc.
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  Scanning Electron Microscopy High-quality, high-power morphological imagery of biological, organic and inorganic samples up to 50000x.
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