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Anuario Filosófico
is the Journal of the department of Philosophy of the University of Navarra. It is published three times per year.

Advisory Board

Juan Arana (Seville), Werner Beierwaltes (Munich), Enrico Berti (Padua), Rémi Brague (Paris-Munich), Susan Haack (Miami), Giovanni Reale (Milan), Robert Spaemann (Munich), Roberto J. Walton (Buenos Aires).


Editorial Board
Montserrat Herrero: go to C.V. Cruz González Ayesta cerezo
Editor Assistant Editor Consulting Editor



[Universidad de Murcia]
lxlopez avigo
Consulting Editor Consulting Editor Managing & Reviews Editor
[Universidad Panamericana, México]



Staff Members

Soraya Salinas

Mikel Ostiz

Marta Alonso

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Other Publications

Cuadernos de Anuario Filosófico. This series of research books is run independently from the Journal. To browse its catalog or place an order, please visit their own sites.

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