Charles S. Peirce (16.04.05)

Arisbe, Milford, Pa.
1905 Apr 16

My dear Lady Welby:

Early in February I was suddenly collapsed with nervous prostration. After more than two full months I find myself able to do half a day's work, but all my engagements are thrown back, a great printing establishment is put to inconvenience & I am in a panting condition of effort that brings little fruit. And besides that the res domi begins to be uncomfortable. My wife too went to Cambridge for a visit to Mrs. Wm. James and was there struck with the Boston east wind. That is one of the few houses where it does not penetrate the heart (as it does in the Peirce house, between you & me). When she got back as far as New York it was terribly rainy (all this time the weather was summery here in Pike County) and she took another cold on top of the other & for a fortnight has been confined to her room, —I in my study struggling to get work done, she lonely. You no doubt got a marked copy of the Monist with my article1. A platoon of philosophers from Eastport Maine to San Diego Cal. has me under fire at the moment. Today I am starting for Washington for a meeting of the Natl. Academy of Sciences where I have nothing myself to present owing to the above circumstances. My next Monist article2 will have something to say about Meaning & anything stimulating, especially anything antagonistic, that may occur to you to say would be a help to me.

My dear Lady Welby, I constantly have you in mind, so far as I can be said to have any mind left. But you see how it is.

always faithfully yours
C. S. Peirce


1. C. S. Peirce, "What Pragmatism Is", The Monist, Vol. 15, No. 2 (April 1905), pp. 161-181. Reprinted in Collected Papers, 5.411-437 [Nota de SS].

2. Charles S. Peirce, "The Issues of Pragmaticism", The Monist, Vol. 15 (October 1905), pp. 481-492. Reprinted in Collected Papers, 5.438-463 [Nota de SS].


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