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Jerónimo Pardo, Medulla Dyalectices

This work contains the teaching materials of the Spanish Master of Arts Jerónimo Pardo, who taught logic at the University of Paris at the end of the 15th century.
It is a textbook that expounds the "marrow of logic", along the nominalist way, dominant at Paris between 1481 and 1525.
The significance of Pardo's work arises not only from the interest of the matters dealt with and from the clarity of the analysis offered, but also from the fact that, although inside the Buridanian tradition, Pardo shows himself to be an original thinker (not merely repeating some received views). He even seems to have introduced some technical devices that, developed by his students, will become one of the marks of terminist logic in the 16th century.
This Medulla Dyalectices, therefore, is a key text in order to understand the late development of scholastic logic (up to its decline due to Humanist's criticisms).

This is a preliminary edition of Pardo's work, based on the Paris 1505 edition.


Medulla Dyalectices edita a perspicacissimo artium preceptore...
De veritate et falsitate propositionum (1r-9v)
II. De regulis generalibus consequentiarum (9v-24r)
III. De contradictoriis (24r-38r)
IV. De conversionibus (38r-40v)
V. De ypotheticis (40v-67r)
VI. De ampliationibus (67r-84r)
VII. De appellationibus (84r-106r)
VIII. De modalibus (106r-126r)
IX. De sillogismis (126v-145r)
X. De descensu (145r-169v)

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