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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas
Author / Sonia CARCELÉN GARCÍA Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Author / Montserrat MERA Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Author / José Antonio IRISARRI Universidad Villanueva
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Article / Mobile phone use by university students in Madrid: a management-based typology during times of learning

Abstract /

The use of mobile phones by the so-called millennials (population under the age of 34) has resulted in behavioural changes, while also affecting how they approach their university experience. Despite the advantages of the invasion of ICTs in educational centres, many studies have examined the relationship between mobile phone use in classrooms and its effects on the student’s academic performance. A quantitative study based on a questionnaire was conducted in person, using a sample of 580 students from public and private universities and in various degree courses, permitting the determination of a student typology based on how they perceive mobile phone use during learning periods and any possible repercussions on their academic performance. The results suggested the existence of two university student groups having distinct profiles, according to field of study (social science or experimental science), the university in which they were enrolled (public or private) and the degree of self-control and responsibility expressed by each student with regard to mobile phone use during learning periods (students who are more permissive with their use of ICT in the classroom and who do not believe that this use negatively affects their studies and, students who demonstrate a more conscious and responsible behaviour and claim to introduce more self-control mechanisms to limit mobile phone use while in the classroom and when studying).

Keywords /

Mobile phones, university students, academic performance, learning, typology, self-control systems, ICT.

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