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Calidad Revistas Científicas Españolas

1. Information for authors

1.1. Submitting original manuscripts

Authors will receive confirmation of receipt of the manuscript within a maximum of 3 business days.


The Editorial Committee will carry out an initial review of the manuscripts received in order to ascertain whether they comply with the minimum quality requirements and are in line with the journal's profile. It will communicate to the authors the decision taken on moving or not to the peer review stage within a maximum of four weeks.



1.2. Evaluation process

Communication and Society will only consider manuscripts that have not previously been published. They will be reviewed by experts in the subject, external to the University of Navarra, following a double-blind review process.


Manuscript Review Form Download (REVIEW_FORM.doc)


During the review period, both authors and reviewers will remain anonymous.


In case of conflicting reviews, the manuscript will be sent to a third reviewer. In any case, the editor will make the final decision.


Once the reviews are received, the Editorial Committee will inform the authors whether their manuscript has been accepted for publication or rejected usually within a maximum of two months. Along with the notification of this decision, authors will be sent the peer reviewers' reports.


When the recommendation is to publish with minor revisions, the authors should resubmit a revised version of the manuscript within one month. If major revisions are required, the authors are free to decide not to follow them or decide to resubmit a new manuscript within two months that may be sent back to the original referees or to new referees.


In either case, the revised manuscript should be accompanied by a cover letter that includes a point-by-point response to reviewers' comments and an explanation of how the manuscript has been changed.


1.3. Requirements for manuscripts submitted

All manuscripts must be original. They must not be under review process in other journal. They should preferably be written in English, using either American or British spelling.

Send your anonymized article through the OJS of the journal. Be sure that your name is deleted from the properties of the manuscript.

Manuscripts in Spanish are also admitted, if accompanied by title, abstract and keywords in English. If published, an English version is mandatory, and would be published along with the Spanish version.


Authors are responsible for the manuscript content. Articles highly similar to previously published works, including author's own works, are considered as plagiarism.


The maximum number of authors per article is three. If other researchers linked to a project participated in the preparation of the article, their names may be included in a footnote.


No more than one article by the same author or co-author will be published in a period of one year and a half, i.e., six issues of the journal.


Manuscript should be written following APA style. Check out the journal's style guidelines here:


Communication and Society Style Guidelines


2. Book reviews /

Only reviews in English of books published in English will be accepted. The maximum length for book reviews is 1000 words. Reviews will only be accepted for books whose first edition (not translation) has been published in the past two years. If the review makes reference to other books, the publisher, city and year of publication should be included in brackets in the text itself. Detailed information about the reviewed book must include the full name and surname(s) of the book's author(s), publisher, city and year of publication, and the number of pages. The author of the review will be identified by his/her name and surname(s) and should include an e-mail address.


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