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Maria Segui-Gomez holds an MD and MPH from the University of Barcelona and MSc and ScD degrees from Harvard University. Her professional career has evolved around university-based teaching and research on injury control and prevention. She has worked at the Harvard Center for Injury Prevention, the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Prevention -where she holds an Adjunct Associate Professor appointment-and the European Center for Injury Prevention at the University of Navarra, where she is a tenured Professor in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. She is also a visiting associate professor at the Dept. of Emergency Medicine at the University of Virginia.

Besides her participation as Board member for ISVIP, Dr. Segui-Gomez is on the Executive Board of the AAAM where she also holds positions in the International Injury Scaling Committee, is an active member of the Injury Sections of the American and the European Public Health Associations, a member of the Spanish Association of Epidemiology, and a member of the Editorial Boards of the scientific journals Injury Prevention and Accident Analysis and Prevention.