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Vice-President for Research of the University of Navarra.
Campus Universitario. 31080 Pamplona. Navarra (Spain).
Phone: +34 948 42 56 00

Dr. Montuenga is the Vice-President for Research of the University of Navarra, where he is a Full Professor of Cell Biology in the Schools of Medicine and Sciences. He is also the Director of the Oncology Research Division at the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) of the same University, where he co-leads, together with Dr. Ruben Pio, the Laboratory of Lung Cancer Biomarkers. He previously worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (Hammersmith Hospital, London), and was a visiting fellow at the Biomarkers and Prevention Research Branch of the National Cancer Institute (NIH, USA).

Dr. Montuenga obtained his degree in Biology from the University of Navarra in 1981 and the PhD from the same University in 1985. He has also a Master degree in Neuroendocrine Cell Biology from the University College of London. He has authored more than 110 international research articles and chapters in the fields of Cell Biology and Oncology, has directed 14 doctoral theses and has given numerous conferences and seminars internationally.

In order to guarantee the University Centers´ autonomy, it has been agreed that no member from the University of Navarra Governing Board are part of the Centers´ Advisory Committees. For this reason, Dr. Montuenga ceased to be an ECIP Advisory Committee member on 26th November 2010. We are very grateful to his collaboration during these years.