Study Abroad

Once you finish collage or during one summer or whatever, there is always the desire of leaving, finding something new, new faces, new views, new streets... You simply just want to leave, learn English, meet new people, learn about a different culture, a different country. It's all overwhelming.

Here is a web page that a friend of mine sent me, she is now in the U.S working and I asked her how she got to go to the U.S with a scholarship and is now there for a year.

So she gave me different web pages, and told me all about it, so that I could get an idea of the various options there are if you’re interested in studying abroad. Anyways, I had a look and it helps a lot to situate yourself, of what steps and what requirements you need if wanting to go to the States.

To go on an Erasmus in Europe is much easier, and therefore there are more possibilities to find ways to leave even if you have no money or no English. But going to the U.S is usually not that easy and is left as something impossible.



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